About us

Extra Bit is a video production agency that creates visually captive short films to achieve more with video. We create films on every possible subject you might require. Our main aim is to create captivating, inspirational / motivational films that influence the audience to achieve the desired purpose. Working together with you, we understand your need and become part of the solution. We bring on board, over a decade, of our creative experience and marketing background to seamlessly blend with your’s and deliver purposeful content. Even the easiest video can be made simply or can be called simply beautiful. That is the subtle difference between what worked and wonder why it didn’t work. Reasons why you should associate with us:

Our Approach

We approach each project with a never-done-before attitude. The only thing common between our new projects and old ones is the un-compromised expertise and the un-diminished enthusiasm.

Our Team

A team that is unified in being conscious of the intent behind the communication being created and is on the same page with the client and its goals.

Our Integrity

Extra Bit and its team is one single entity with a unique but common personality. Our single minded commitment to delivering what we promise, makes us treat every aspect of our service the same, big or small. Our aim is to be error-free.